Maintenance Plans:

Website Maintenance Options

We provide maintenance agreements to fit your specific maintenance needs. Whether your site requires an occasional update or ongoing weekly maintenance, we have a solution to keep your site fresh, up-to-date, and accurate. Our cost-effective and convenient website maintenance plans are designed to fit your updating needs and budget, from an occasional update, to weekly and daily updates.

Accurate information on a web site is an important part of portraying a professional image. With a Website Maintenance Agreement, our webmasters complete updates normally within 48 hours of the request. This ensures that visitors and potential clients will receive accurate information.

Occasional Maintenance of website: $50/hr +
Unlike other web design companies, WDL bills in 1/2 hr increments.  Therefore, if we provide work for 15 minutes of updates, you will be billed for a 1/2 hour ($25) rather than a full hour ($50) as the other companies do. 

Fees based on 1/2 hr increments, with a minimum fee of $25 for updates. Website maintenance is for basic update work provided to your site and is subject to any additional charges for additional services such as graphics editing, scanning images, adding pages or links, etc...  (To avoid additional charges, please see our all inclusive website maintenance options below.)

Maintenance Contracts:

Contract pricing is all inclusive; therefore, there are no extra fees for additional pages or services such as graphics editing, scanning images, adding pages or links, etc...  Site statistics are also e-mailed to you on a monthly basis in HTML format (without contract - $5.00).  Contracts are to be paid in full or agreed upon installments and are not refunded if cancelled.  Except for the unlimited contract, hours purchased can be rolled over for 3 months beyond the contract time of 12 months.  You will receive a detailed monthly statement of the hours used to update your website. 

Contracts paid in full are not charged a service fee.  Contracts paid in installments are charged a $5.00/payment service fee.

Hours Reg. Fee Total Contract
Hourly Fee
Hourly 40.00


0 n/a n/a n/a
20 40.00 800.00 5% 38.00 760.00 40.00
50 40.00 2000.00 10% 36.00 1800.00 200.00
100 40.00 4000.00 15% 34.00 3400.00 600.00
200 40.00 8000.00 20% 32.00 6400.00 1600.00
Unlimited 40.00 14,600.00 35% 26.00 9500.00 5100.00

Note: Unlimited figures based on 365hrs (or 1 hr/day for a year) for sample average.

Hours Contract Price Monthly Payment
(including $5 service fee)
20 760.00 68.33
50 1800.00 155.00
100 3400.00 288.33
200 6400.00 538.33
Unlimited 9500.00 796.67

Note: Payments may also be divided into halves or thirds to lessen the service fees.  Each payment is charged a $5 service fee.

If you will need occasional updates, a couple per month or so, the 20 hour package is the most cost effective way to go.  As things change throughout the year, you will most likely need to add pages or images, perhaps decide a form is necessary for your clients.  The 20 hour contract will allow you to do these things for no additional charge. 

Hourly Update Fee: $50.00
3 Scanned Images: $10/image - $30.00
Additional Form: $150 (12 fields)
Total Update Without Contract: $230.00
Total Update With 20 Hr Contract: $38.00
Savings: $192.00

If you will need weekly updates, the 50 hour package is the most cost effective way to go.

If you have a highly active website that is going to need constant updating, newsletters, e-mails sent to lists, responses to form submissions, the unlimited package is the most cost effective way to go. 



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